In our on line training a student is trained by our Coach with voice chat and share the same Chess board on Our server.This direct interaction helps a student learn faster and saves time spent in other methods of training like exchanging you can talk to a coach and ask him whatever you want and you will get a reply immediately.

You don’t have to travel and don’t need to go to a coaching centre.a coah comes online at a time that is convenient to the student .our coaches are available on line in different time .zones for different countries.

K.Haridas ,the founder of chess plus plus is a candidate master ,national a player and winner sevaral national and international level tournaments. our coaches have wide experience in training students

Benefits Of Chess

Chess has the power to make the mind keener, and through creating discipline, to develop the personality.”
“Chess teaches adequate concentration, self discipline and improves willpower.”

The Benefits of Chess

• Improves reading and math skills
• Impacts motivation and achievement
• Elicits critical thinking skills Provokes rational thinking and patience
• Improves self-confidence
• Builds discipline
• Enhances problem-solving skills
• Challenges creativity
• A fun and challenging game!

Skills Development:

Abilities, which can be attained through chess, but which can be very well used in other walks of life:

1. Willpower (coping with and digesting failure, drawing the conclusions, preparing for new tasks)
2. Reproductive and productive creative imagination, planning, creativity, the ability of thinking
3. Decision making ability, power of judgement, determination, bravery
4. In chess education showed a substantial, often dramatic raise, which is a new and interesting experience.
5. „Chess helps any human being to elaborate exact methods of thinking… Everybody prefers to learn something while playing rather than to learn it formally… ''