What We do ! ! ! We specialize in the following:-ON LINE CHESS COACHING -

Opening Theory

Playing high level chess is now a days possible only with a thorough knowledge of the opening theory. Because of the modern opening theory its role becomes too large. Whether playing White or Black, We will train Our Student with an abundance of hard-hitting ideas to revitalize his or her opening repertoire. Many of the carefully chosen openings are innovations, visually shocking ,incredibly tricky, they are guaranteed to throw even your most experienced opponent off balance. We will also guide our students to select openings against their strong opponents in tournaments.

Middle game and End game - We have very good collections of Educative and Practical Middle game and End game positions. The lessons learned here will help any player make his/her middle game decisions with accuracy and confidence.

Group coaching and private coaching for smaller groups -

We are giving group and private coaching for the students of U.A.E, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, U.S.A. and India to enable players of various levels to achieve their
true potential.


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